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Watch & read a small sample of clients' testimonial of our key account management training program.
video feedback
Sales Director

Molson Coors

The training was very useful. The trainer is a very good presenter and person with huge KA experience. He shared with us very good models how to establish active contacts between supplier and customer. There was also an interesting case-study about forming contact matrix and cross-functional team, explaining roles and responsibilities of each team member. It is very important because not many companies established such high level of mutual trust with their KAs. Since the trainer is training also retailers, the most interesting part for me was his explanation of retailers thinking and how they long term manage their key customers.
Corporate KAM

IPKO Telecommunication

I have immediately applied part of material in cooperation with existing clients as well as in internal cooperation within our company, which actually helped me to distribute certain part of the projects to other units and departments for developing the needed services for our partners. The trainer was very experienced and excellent presenter which contributed to interaction among participants. In the end I would like to add as well that the team of OGI Europe is proffesional, experienced, and very friendly. I highly recommend KAM Development Program and OGI Europe. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
Hospital Channel Manager


I recently had the fantastic opportunity to attend. This 2-day course shed light on the definition of KAM, WHY KAM , managing the relationship/s, entry strategies and team selling/approach. The concepts shared on this course was easy to grasp, practical with excellent user-friendly tools that would be useful to implement in any business environment. It will for sure improve my future business development and my KAM role, as the course was of good structure, very well presented and contained a lot of useful information. I will certainly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their KAM skills and wanting to be successful in this role.
Sales Director

Bambi Banat

The training will be very useful for us on our macro level in setting up the new organization. Besides, we would be able to use it for our micro strategy in terms of establishing new procedure, analysis, monitoring of KA customers though their classification, strategy development, development of skills and internal processes, joint planning. We also had the chance to exchange ideas with colleagues from other industries and countries through different exercises. The plan is that on regular KA meetings we go through some of these subjects and pass the knowledge we got to KA personnel.
Sales Director


All material learned is applicable in real business. It is possible to apply one part of the material right away in cooperation with existing clients. The other part of the material is still ahead of the current market situation and we expect this kind of approach to work with the arrival of new clients, and in later period with the improvement of existing KA organization. Organization of training was on very high level. The entire training was divided into several workshops so that trainees can be focused more on subject itself. The trainer was very experienced and excellent presenter which contributed to interaction among participants.
Country Manager

INEOS Styrolution

Excellent. I have really enjoyed the training, it was inspiring and I have learned a lot about product life cycles, important questions to consider based on buyer strategy, as well the relationship and expectations of the buyer / seller. Very valuable lesson to understand the reasons for certain customer behaviors. This gives me food for thought and will help me focus better and use my resources better, will be able to prepare for meetings better and facilitate better communication with customers.
Senior KAM


Very professional. The trainers have given me lots of useful knowledge on how to handle my accounts. They have opened my eyes to few new, essential organizational changes I have to make at my work.
Area Sales Manager


This training is very practical, and oriented towards real life examples from the trainers' experience. I have learned about who the right people are to talk to, how deep to go into and what kind of analytical tools to use when it comes to my buyers.