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The Modules

The key account management training programme consists of three well designed, compact modules. The first module concentrates on your skills in regards to managing your accounts, the second focuses on your ROI, and the third one is dedicated to your buyers.

The order of the sessions as well the pauses kept in between are designed based on best practice, thus you will always come back with your findings, questions and challenges, and be presented with your custom solutions at the exact right time.


The Modules


Managing The Relationship 4-5 October, 2017
Securing The Return 22-23 February, 2018
Decoding The Buyer 22-23 November, 2017
  • Understand the purpose, benefits, requirements and implications of AM/KAM
  • Assess your current KAM status and identify the most important development needs
  • Be able to manage the customer relationship towards planned goals
  • Be able to identify and influence the customer’s decision making process
  • Be able to plan and implement a cross-functional contact strategy
  • Develop responses and plans designed to achieve Key Supplier Status
  • Develop a robust process for Customer Classification
  • Develop a Customer Distinction strategy designed to match your resources
  • Take advantage of your market opportunities effectively and efficiently
  • Be able to develop and deliver true, customer focused, value propositions
  • Develop the skills of joint planning – working with the customer
  • Develop the format for practical KA Plans
  • Understand the new challenges presented to supplier by the modern professional buyer
  • Understand their ambitions and strategies designed to manage their suppliers (key suppliers or otherwise)
  • Develop the appropriate responses to these strategies, as they are relevant to a Key Account Management approach
  • Be able to prepare and conduct effective negotiations with those buyers, designed to remove the focus on price
Early Bird Discount: till 6th of March
Early Bird Discount: till 6th of March
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